Automatic increment

By now, you probably know how to automatically increment series, enter the first two cells of the series, select them, place your pointer on the bottom right corner (until it turns into cross) and drag with a left click.

Now, for dates, you can do the same and more by just typing the first date (remember Ctrl+; will enter today’s date) and dragging with the right click. When you release, you can pick your increment between days, weekdays, month and year. You can also pick Series if you need more flexibility.

right click drag

Try it, you might like it.



Hyperlink from Word / Excel to specific cell in excel file.

Happy Halloween,

It’s Internal Control Procedure time again and you have all your procedures in Word, trying to hyperlink to excel files. All is well, you Insert \ Hyperlink (or right-click \ Hyperlink), select the destination file and you’re done. BUT, it doesn’t really open where you want it. To make sure it opens at the right cell, add the following to your file path: #’SheetName’!CellAddress, as in #Sheet1!A.

You can of course, update the text to display so it doesn’t show the whole path. Check out screenshot below.

Address bar and Text to Display bars in Edit Hyperlink windo

Thanks Benjamin for this suggestion,

Try it, you might like it.


Copy format of cell to whole column – shortcut

How do you copy the format of a cell to its whole column. Easy with the mouse, faster with the keyboard.

Alt H F P (to copy format)

Ctrl+Space (to select the whole column).

You’re already done. Also works with Shift+Space to copy the format to the whole row.

Try it, you might like it.