Copy format of cell to whole column – shortcut

How do you copy the format of a cell to its whole column. Easy with the mouse, faster with the keyboard.

Alt H F P (to copy format)

Ctrl+Space (to select the whole column).

You’re already done. Also works with Shift+Space to copy the format to the whole row.

Try it, you might like it.



One comment on “Copy format of cell to whole column – shortcut

  1. marot90 says:

    Well, that definetely is faster than doing it manually. Although Mac users might have a problem here, since apparently they cant rebidn hotkeys and standard hotkeys are pretty badly placed. For those and everyone else who cant use hotkey, there is only the slow way (guide for copying format: ). Hope that helped someone, in my first weeks with excel i also hardly used hotkeys. Though i really recommend learning them. I mean come on, compare the effort between the guide i gave you to the two hotkey clicks described by Thomas. Not even a contest.

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