Hi, you’ve stumbled upon my blog. I’m covering excel topics that are relevant to the Finance Professional, Controller, CFO, Accountant, etc. I’ve been an avid Excel user for the last 15+ years, and I want to share the things that make my life easier.

If you produce a lot of reports for different managers, make sure to check The Great Splitter And Sender Of Reports.

If you have to reformat tables you receive so they can be used in pivot tables, check out The Unpivot Add-In.

If you’re a fan of random shortcuts, check out Right-Click in Drag, Special Cells, Copy Format of Cell to entire Column and a lot of other posts.

So make yourself at home, look around, stay a bit and come back soon. Also, click the follow button on the bottom right corner and you’ll be notified of new posts. Don’t worry about being submerged, I don’t post more than a couple times a month.



4 comments on “About

  1. Nita says:

    Dear Thomas thank you so much for this. I have excel 2010 and am desperate to use the excel unpivot but can’t seem to find it in my add-ins. pls would you let me know how I can have excel 2010 unpivot add-in? I would be massively grateful. Kind Regards

    • Hi Nita, in excel 2010, you’ll find Add-Ins under the Add-Ins menu of the Excel Options dialog box, that you can reach under File \ Help \ Options, or by right-clicking an empty part of the ribbon and choosing Customize Ribbon.
      You can also use the classic shortcut of Alt t i

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